Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The March Review: Top Posts You Won't Want To Miss

March was a super busy blogging month for me as I was doing the 30 Day Blogging Challenge and within that, introducing The 21 Day Genealogy Challenge.  Here are the top four posts chosen by readers.  Enjoy!

The 21 Day Genealogy Challenge - Day 12: What to do with old family letters.    Take a closer look at those old family letters you inherited and see what gems lie within them!

The 21 Day Genealogy Challenge - Day 15: Interviewing Family Members - Skill Development  A close look at how to conduct a family history interview with members of your family, and what to do when the interview is over.

The 21 Day Genealogy Challenge - Day 16: Passport Applications   Passports can provide wonderful information to add to your ancestors’ sources.  They may reveal vital information regarding your ancestors.  In this posts, we take a detailed look at what can be gleaned from your ancestor's passport application.

The 21 Day Genealogy Challenge - Day 21:  Recommitting to Your Genealogy Goals  The purpose of the 21 Day Genealogy Challenge was to give you an opportunity to review and recommit to your genealogy goals.  This post takes a peek at what was covered during the Challenge.

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