Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Follow the Arrows -- I Did and You Will Want To, Too!

While today's blog post has little to do with Genealogy, it has everything to do with my goals in regards to Family History.  I have been on an amazing journey for over a month now, and would like to take a moment to share a bit of it with you.  Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Sark e-Media co-founder, Kevin Arrow, on Periscope.  Well, let’s go back a little farther.  

At the close of 2015, I happened to be listening to a podcast whilst working out at the gym.  The speaker mentioned a social media outlet I was unfamiliar with called Periscope.  Curious as to what Periscope was and what it could do for me, I created an account through Twitter and was introduced to a whole new world of hyper enthusiastic individuals seeking to uplift one another and give guidance in a variety of topics.  I spent a few weeks as an observer, and it was during this observation period that I met Kevin Arrow who introduced me to his lovely wife, partner, and award winning blogger, Sarah.

Follow the Arrows is the tagline Sark e-Media uses in advertising, and while it is a very clever advertising choice, it is sage advice, as well.  Sark e-Media specializes helping entrepreneurs boost their confidence, and provides them with the tools needed to obtain visibility not only for their product, but for their name, as well.  And, while I am not an entrepreneur, per se, I am someone who offers a unique type of service for people interested in doing family research.

After getting to know Kevin over a few weeks, I became keen to know more about the 30 Day Blogging Challenge his wife Sarah created.  He graciously introduced us and since then my view of how to blog, research and promote my ideas have changed – and I like to think, for the better.

Quite a few things happened when taking part in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.  Acceptance into their Facebook group gave me the opportunity to not only post my daily blog entries for other members to read and comment, but afforded me the opportunity to see the works of other bloggers learning to develop and grow in their particular fields of expertise.  Not only does the Facebook group allow for us to express concerns and questions regarding our personal blog, but the feedback from Sarah and the fellow bloggers is priceless.   But the Challenge doesn’t stop at peer mentoring.  No.  There is so much more.

During the Challenge, Sarah sends out daily emails to each of her members.  She addresses the concerns bloggers regularly face, whether the challenge is writer’s block, how to style the blog, which blogging outlet to use, or how to gain exposure.  She is spot on every time.  Now, like I mentioned, I am not an entrepreneur, so there were some tips that were not pertinent to my needs, but there were many tips that she shared with me that brought about amazing results, and I have to say I have become slightly addicted to watching my blogging analytics – which is not a bad thing when we consider that higher numbers means that whatever we did that day we should most likely do again.

So, what did I get out of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge?   Well, I’m glad you asked!  I received a wonderful opportunity to recommit myself to focusing on my goals which at the moment revolve entirely around Family History.  It has allowed me to present my thoughts and share my knowledge with anyone interested in reading what I have to say, and shown me where I need to focus on study and research.

Because of the Challenge, I have been given exposure to other genealogists and family history buffs who have been able to give me encouragement and feedback on my writing.  My blog viewership has quadrupled and I have been approached for interviews regarding my work in restoration of abandoned civil war era cemeteries.  Above all, my confidence has gone through the roof.  I’ve always been a very self-assured person, but working with Sarah has really been the boost I needed to up my game and reach for even higher goals.

Before this challenge, I had no idea there were so many genealogy blogs.  Now, that I am writing and promoting my blog, I am meeting a great number of fellow genealogy bloggers and making a great many friends and contacts in a world that is somewhat unique.  We, Genis, as we like to call ourselves, don’t see each other as competitors, but as colleagues and friends, always ready to give support and encouragement.   

So, while I began this post stating that Sark e-Media assists entrepreneurs in obtaining confidence and exposure, I would have to alter that to say they are supporters of anyone wanting to succeed in following their dreams, whatever those dreams may be.  They truly are a positive and genuinely wonderful couple who have a talent for helping people bring the best out of themselves.

Thank you Kevin and Sarah for an amazing few months.  While the challenge was for 30 days, it took me longer, and you were most patient with me!  I love your logo and highly concur that anyone looking to succeed in their business should most definitely Follow the Arrows!

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