Monday, July 18, 2016

A Call to Action: Finding the Fallen

Quantico National Cemetery 2016

On July 30, 2016, in honor of the veterans of the Armed Forces, BillionGraves and the Boy Scouts of America will host the nationwide service project, Finding the Fallen.  We are asking for everyone’s help to make this project a success!  By joining the project, you will serve these heroes by photographing and logging the GPS locations of the headstones and markers in our national cemeteries and uploading them to the website.

To organize this commemorative event in your area, visit Easy step by step instructions will guide you in selection of a National cemetery in your area and allow you to invite others to take part in this amazing project with you.

You will need to download the free Billiongraves app on your smart phone.

When you visit the cemetery, select the photo icon on the Billiongraves app.  You will notice the name of the cemetery appear on the camera screen.  From there just click and go!  Point the camera at each individual headstone.  Avoid wide shots that include other graves. Point and click! It is as easy as that!  Once you have taken pictures, return to the app homepage.  Click on the Photos icon and upload your images.  With just a few hours of your time and the use of a cell phone, you can help preserve the memory of a soldier.  

We need you to help make this service project a success!  BillionGraves and the Boy Scouts of America thank you for taking the time to honor our service men and women by taking part in Finding the Fallen.

For more information about Finding the Fallen visit